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About Us

Our Story

We are a family owned and operated farm in Northwest Wyoming, 70 miles east of Yellowstone. Our farm has been in existence since 1946. Our families homesteaded in the Big Horn Basin in the early 1900's. We also raise beef cattle, and alfalfa hay. We are focused on regenerative practices. We use multiple species of cover crops and mob grazing to ensure rich biodiversity, and healthy soils.

Our land once belonged to Buffalo Bill Cody, and was used as a Country club at one point in time.

My Grandpa told stories of plowing up sagebrush and finding golf balls scattered throughout the fields.

Irrigation became possible from the Shoshone Water Project from 1899-1947, Championed by Buffalo Bill Cody. The Shoshone Project was one of the first water projects in the country.  Our water is fed by the Yellowstone Eco-system deep in the Absaroka Range.

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